“Be your own light” –An art Installation at ICAC Dehgam Residency

ICAC (International Creative Art Center), (a registered NGO) working for the development of art and artists, is a unique Artist Home brought us a free residency program  this new year, for 18 selected artists from across the nation, out of 430 participating entries, offering a new legacy to develop the next generation of artists, enhancing the quality of artwork. Within the ten days program, artists were made to visually illustrate, create connections, and activities between other players in the field, to bring out maestro in them, via cultural exchange among artisans, stimulating the exchange between artists, and dialogues in creative field, so that the artist can get a global platform with the finesse as an individual.

As a part of the activities during the residency program, an art installation was created by a group of four artists setting a remarkable example of recycling materials such as wire, window net, rope, thread, etc., in the best possible creative manner.

This not only created a masterpiece but offered inspiration for improvement with real-life experiences, and hands on material from limited resources of the field, which offer conditions that conclude creativity, along with facilities in terms of resources.

Artists Rima Chaari, Gopal Parmar, Jishu Nag & Preeti conveyed that they they tried to represent Gautam Buddha’s thoughts, where he enlighten to his disciple “Aanand”, that instead of expecting from somebody else, be your (inspiration) for yourself.
Nobody can give this light to you. This light indicate the inner light which is hidden in the heart and being of every being. As you let your own light shine, you indirectly share the light to the world.

This program also offered a glimpse of inner working pattern of eminent artists like Shri Vrindavan Solanki, Arvind Hate, Kanu Patel,and connoisseur assembled together from art industry like Ritu Singh, Mihir Gajrawala, specially for this program where they shared their knowledge of various aspects including coaching, exhibiting, networking etc., via talk, live demonstrations, panel discussion and workshops.

As having a mentor like one of the leading art connoisseur Mr. Ravindra Mardia, artists at Dehgam Residency gets a hope to turn the vision into reality where artist get the global platforms &  broaden horizons, with incredible exposure as name and recognition, via opening many doors which creates a positive impact in their career as an artist.