Nirupama Tank

Communal Harmony :


₹ 40,000

In the latest elections of India, Narendra Modi won and became Prime minister. He said in his speech that in future the government will make the decisions together with the public benefiting all the people. Narendra Modi used to work at a local tea stall and so I am trying to say by my painting that the sweetness of the tea may spread across every country and peace and harmony can be achieved.

  • Artist Name: Nirupama Tank
  • Provenance: Procured directly from the Artist
  • Authenticity: Accompanied with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Color: Blue
  • Source: Ahmedabad Police Camp
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Suitable for room: Wash Room
  • Housestyles: Rural Setting
  • Hobbies and Interest: Boats and Ships
  • Professions: Barbershop

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