Sonu Gupta

" Peace" by Sonu Gupta


₹ 20,000

The theme of my painting is "PEACE". I did a face which is a face of God "BUDDHA". I represent through my painting that, now a days the people of different religion are fighting with each other that should not be happen. Our heart and mind should be clear and peaceful like "BUDDHA" and should maintain good community with each other. I represent this message through my painting.

  • Artist Name: Sonu Gupta
  • Provenance: Procured directly from the Artist
  • Authenticity: Accompanied with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Color: Golden
  • Source: Ahmedabad Police Camp
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Suitable for room: Boy's Bedroom
  • Housestyles: Villas
  • Hobbies and Interest: Boats and Ships
  • Professions: Astronomer

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