Sonu Gupta



₹ 50,000

When the definition of love goes up even from harmony, it doesn't understand temple,mosque,hindus or Muslim because the temples and mosque are means of being near to love or close to God that is being close to love himself to find him and whom he likes and everyone worships him where he/she likes and the nation is the home of love and people are usually called by various name in home. Friendship and brotherhood are the symbol of our life and our nation is perfect example of it . "Hindu _Muslim brotherhood, unity, integrity and friendship."Each of these words represented by each colour of my painting.

  • Artist Name: Sonu Gupta
  • Provenance: Procured directly from the Artist
  • Authenticity: Accompanied with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Color: White
  • Source: Ahmedabad Police Camp
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Suitable for room: Drawing Room
  • Housestyles: Contemporary
  • Hobbies and Interest: Book Worm
  • Professions: Diner

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