Manish Rao

The Hidden


₹ 30,000

I grew up knowing only one religion that is 'humanity'. I always look at a person as a human not by their religion or caste. God is one and He is in everyone, so I respect and love every human being. I cherish sewiayan in Eid, cake on Christmas and sweets on Diwali. I celebrate every festival to celebrate grace of God.

  • Artist Name: Manish Rao
  • Provenance: Procured directly from the Artist
  • Authenticity: Accompanied with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Color: Yellow
  • Source: Ahmedabad Police Camp
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Suitable for room: Kitchen
  • Housestyles: Beach House
  • Hobbies and Interest: Contemporary
  • Professions: Seamstress

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