Hansa Patel

Untitled - Hansa Patel


₹ 10,000

National integration of our “ Bharat Desh ” are based on the principles of non-violence, linguistic harmony, anti communalism policy for the development of our nation. My paintings which are drawn on canvass with acrylic colours, reflect the colour of blood of all communities’ peoples of our country. We belong to different cast and creeds, hence different shades of blood which is when mixed-up with each other, it makes no difference. God has made no difference in making us, then we are no-one to create any differences. Everybody has to realize and accept that we all are one & for the help of each other. In other painting i tried to interprete this message with the help of the symbol of four different religions, giving the same message for national integrity and unity.

  • Artist Name: Hansa Patel
  • Provenance: Procured directly from the Artist
  • Authenticity: Accompanied with an Authenticity Certificate
  • Color: Blue
  • Source: Ahmedabad Police Camp
  • Surface: Canvas
  • Suitable for room: Drawing Room
  • Housestyles: Modern
  • Hobbies and Interest: Chef
  • Professions: Casual Restaurant

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