Be a Boss or work for others like a Slave… The Choice is Yours…..

When we grow up we find the word called "Freedom". 
You may be wondering how does this word come into our mind, however the truth of the matter is, that it does. It entered our life from the point we complete with our graduation or post graduation degree and settle on finding a new line of work for oneself to demonstrate that "Truly, we are worthy enough to prove ourselves.
From the time we obtain our degree, we have a fire burning inside us, that compels us to demonstrate our value to society, and to our family, by "finding a nice job" and by "earning".

Unfortunately, I also accepted this as truth, and decided to set up my independent trading business, with negligible investment but support of my father & elder brother. Once I got a few years of experience in my trading business, I thought that I am not destined to be a trader, I am destined to be an Industrialist.

Ask yourself these questions and if for any of them your answer as "YES", trust me you have suppressed your fantasies and have murdered it with your own hands. 

I have no value so I have to demonstrate my value to other people and to society?

My organization doesn't give me the pay that I merit? 

Is your development in the organization being ruined by anybody else in your organization? 

Have I traded off with my dignity, to serve an occupation, which is unsure in an organization? 

I dislike my work, and I am simply doing it for getting the experience, of some years? 

If any of above questions your answer is yes, I am sorry to bring out the reality, that you have forgotten your dreams, and you are being hired to fulfill someone’s else dreams.

"In case you won't work for your dreams, someone will utilize you to fulfill their dream…..."

Wake up and begin working for your fantasies, 

Your only fear is "fear of failure", that is what is stopping you to go for your dreams..

At the point when we were kids, and when we were unable to stand up on our feet, what did our parents do ? They used to show us the path, "Continue onward, Don't Quit, you will do it ….."

They believed in us, when we didn't know about our concealed powers, and think about what we as a whole, stood up on our feet, in light of the fact that our folks didn't abandon us.

Now what stops us, when we become experienced. Why do we dread failure so much, and do not consider the possibility, that it worked out and you become a overnight sensation.

Imagine a scenario in which the things you generally dreaded turns into your quality, of which you were denied. It's a long excursion that you need to go on, however that is on the grounds that I am taking my dignity along.

Rewards can go to the individuals, who are prepared to abandon their dignity, however I can never settle on my being original self, and will kick each activity that requests that I sacrifice one, in the namesake of a job. 

Do you know why?I am glad presently, It's simply because I accepted a call from my fantasies, and pulled out all the stops at the correct time, and the outcome is I am content with my existence, with the manner in which I am, as an individual.

Its never too late to go for your dreams, all it truly takes is that one intense choice for your future, that will be about the change you were looking for. Even if you come up short, simply put it all on the line, since that is the thing that fulfills you toward the end, that is the thing that you call your "Dream"…

Hope against hope it and act, as a general rule, to get it going for yourself… 

It's never too old to even consider starting with your fantasies, everything necessary is simple the fearlessness, to have confidence in yourself that, yes "you can do it"… 

Now, the decision is yours to put your time in a vocation that constructs somebody's castle or assemble your own royal residence. 

Presently the decision is your either- 

"To be a captive to a realm or To be a lord of one.." 

Have a Good Day… Keep Grinning..

Ravindra Mardia